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Get the best out of your self drive Tanzania safaris when you hire a 4×4 car to take you through the various destinations within the country. Whether its self-drive serengeti, to Tarangire, we have the right car for you. 

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The Best Self Drive Tanzania Service Provider

What makes us unique from others is that we offer the most reliable and affordable self drive tanzania cars for hire at affordable rates. For travelers who would want to self drive east Africa, we have the right 4×4 cars for you. 

Our reliable Self Drives Tanzania Fleet of cars includes both small compact and 4x4 cars designed to fit within everyone's pocket

Best Self Drive Tanzania fleet of cars

Whether you are planning for that Tanzania self drive safari where you will be able to discover so much that’s found within her boundaries like self-drive Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro conservation area or a business trip in any part of the country, we have a large fleet of best self drive Tanzania cars to get you anywhere at very unbeatable and affordable self drive Tanzania cost.

Self Drive Tanzania-
Toyota RAV4

Whether you a solo traveler or as a couple and looking for the best budget car to use on your self drive Tanzania trip, our RAV4 is the best option.

Self Drives Tanzania - V8
4X4 Land Cruiser V8

You know a terrain conquerer, this is exactly what our 4X4 Land Cruiser V8 was designed for. Rent our Land Cruiser V8 if you are looking for a memorable experience as you visit national parks and other destinations in Tanzania.

Toyota Land Cruiser TX/TZ

On your self drive Tanzania , you will need a car that is comfortable but also fuel efficient and our Land Cruiser TX stands out as the best alternative.

4x4 SUV
Safari Van

Traveling as a family or friends is known to strengthen the relationship bond further and as Self Drives Tanzania we have safari van for hire at very unbeatable rates to take all the members without sacrificing comfort for anyone

Self Drive Entebbe - V8
Toyota Land Cruiser V8

You want a luxurious, extra comfortable car for your business trip in Tanzania, don't be deceived. Our Land Cruiser V8 is among the best options you can choose

4x4 SUV
Land Cruiser GX

Switch gears as you explore Tanzania's diverse landscapes with our Land Cruiser GX manual that is strong enough to get you anywhere in the country including national parks or even hard to reach areas. Rent our Land Cruiser GX today

4x4 SUV

Best cars for your Tanznaia Self drive safari

Explore Tanzania’s hidden gems with the right car that has been customised to give you a memorable and rewarding experience. These cars that come at very unbeatable self drive Tanzania price include a Land Cruiser TX with a pop up roof, Land Cruiser V8/VX with a pop up roof and our Safari Land Cruiser.  

Self Drive Tanzania

Land Cruiser TX with Pop up roof

Looking for a budget self drive Tanzania customised car to give you the best experience while on your safari, Our Land Cruiser TX with a pop up roof is the best option. Its comfortable and enough for 5 people. 

Self Drive Tanzania

Land Cruiser V8 with Pop up roof

Enjoy the comfort that comes with Our Land Cruiser V8 with Pop up roof designed to give you a memorable moment as you visit national parks within the country and beyond. It is a 5-7 seater with comfortable seats. 

self drive Tanzania

Safari Land Cruiser

Traveling in a group of a family, friends or fellow workmates, we have the best car for you. Our Safari Land Cruiser is comfortabe, strong and with features for the best self drive Tanzania trip. Hire it today, you will testify


Other Self drive Tanzania services

We are not just a car rental company but overall the best car hire self drive Tanzania service provider. You can trust us to bring out your Tanzania self-drive itinerary and bring that dream vacation to life Check out our services. 

Long Term Car Rental Tanzania

Are you planning to visit Tanzania for either a business trip or safari and would prefer to rent a car for more than a month? We have the best self drive Tanzania cars for hire at very unbeatable rates and huge discouts. Talk to us today.

One Way Car Rental Tanzania

Looking for a one way car rental Tanzania service provider, count on us to give you the best car for you trip. Whether you are looking for car rental Dar Es Salaam to Self drive and drop the car in a different location like Dodoma or even Nairobi, Kenya, count on us for affordable one way car rental rates

Airport transfers

We are the only car rental Tanzania company that does offer free airport transfers whether you are arriving at any aiprort in the country or departing using any of the airports in the various cities in the country. Talk to us and we will be able to arrange you that VIP treatment or airport transfer you need.

Student car rental Tanzania

Doing your internship in Tanzania shouldn't be a challenge with the right car to help you connect to one location to another. If you are a student and you are visiting Tanzania, we have the best cars for hire at great discouts just for you.

Luxury Car Rental Tanzania

Looking for an extra comfortable, strong and a car that matches your status, we have the right self drive Tanzania cars for hire. These come equipped with some of the best features to give you a memorable experience throughout your stay in Tanzania

Budget Car Rental Tanzania

Our company was started by our founder's vision to provide affordable means of transport to anyone visiting Tanzania regardless of their budget. Therefore, if you prefer self drive Tanzania cars at lower rates, we will definitely arrange that for you.

Self-drive Serengeti

self drive Tanzania

Serengeti National Park is the prime destination in Tanzania with a lot that travelers will have to enjoy while in this park’s boudaries. While on your self-drive serengeti , you will visit the various parts of the park and the most popular one that you definitely don’t have to miss out is the wildebeest migration along the Mara river.

This is the clockwise movenment of wildebeest, antelopes, zebras, gazelles through the Mara river where a number of predators are always waiting to feast on them. The whole experience might be thrilling but its one of the highlights as you visit serengeti. 

Whether you are looking for a reliable Land Cruiser for your car hire Tanzania experience, count on us to give you such a car at very affordable rates. 

Cross Border car rental Tanzania

Planning to explore other countries apart from Tanzania, We arrange cross border car rental services whether you prefer Self drive Kenya, Self drive Rwanda or Self Drive Uganda. All you need to do is inform us days prior to your trip, so that we arrange the required documents for you to cross the border

Self Drive Tanzania - cross border
Find us....
Self Drive Tanzania -


Rent a car in Zanzibar from us and we will be able to bring the car right at your hotel or anywhere you would like at no extra fee. Our self drive Tanzania rates remain unbeatable and pocket friendly.

Self Drive Tanzania

Dar Es Salaam

If you want to see so much that Dar Es Salaam has within her boundaries, car rental Dar Es Salaam is the best option to help you explore the city with ease and hassle free. Talk to us today



On your trip to Arusha, you will need a reliable car to use as you explore the city or for that business trip. At self drive Tanzania, we have every car for any function. Cout on us for a memorable trip

For A Memorable Self Drive Tanzania experience, you can add these extras

If you want to geet that much needed self drive Tanzania, adding these extras onto your trip will get you that much needed experience as you camp  on various camp sites in the different national parks. 

Car rental with a rooftop tent Tanzania

Do you want to rent a car in Tanzania with camping gear for that unforgetable camping experience? you are an email from having such a car availed to you at very affordable self drives Tanzania rates.

Car Rental With Camping gear in Tanzania

Imagine waking up to the sound of singing birds while on self drive Tanzania safaris?The feeling is unmatched, memorable and count on us to bring the dream to life.

Visiting Tanzania for the first time, Claim your 20% discount now

We understand the frustration that comes with renting a car for self drive in a foreign country especially when you are not sure what the actual rental fee is, the reason as to why we are here to help you figure out your trip with the best self drive Tanzania car at very affordable rates. 

Why Choose us

A Self drive Tanzania service provider that satisfies you

Flexible rentals

Regardless of where you are, we will be able to deliver that car of your choice. Whether its Dar es Salaam, Arusha, zanzibar, we will be able to bring that car there.

No hidden fees

We hate suprises especially when it involves spending - a reason as to why we will never bring up hidden charges after you have hired a car with us. Book with us, you will testify.

We accept USD, Euros and Pounds

One thing about us is that we will never change our mind if we agreed that you pay using a specific currency. Just talk to us today and you will tesitfy.

Self Drive Tanzania

See what other people are saying

Very good experience We rented a car with driver for 14days from Kigali to Kampala. We had a really good experience from beginning to end. Pius - our driver - was reliable, very helpful and very friendly. It was a pleasure travelling with him. The Toyota Prado with Popup roof was a good car on the rough roads and on the game drives. Would recommend.
Wilfried M
Wilfried M
Finally a reliable 4 x 4 hire! Having hired many 4 x 4's over the years, finally found a company with a vehicle that was well maintained and performed perfectly at a good rate/day. Titus and the team looked after us well, were very responsive and flexible. Would highly recommend.
Tim w
Tim w
Great and easy car rental We rented a Toyota Landcruiser Prado and were very happy with it. Organizing the car rental with Titus and his company couldn’t have been easier, they were very flexible to adjust the dates to our trip and even offered us to drop off the car in Kigali and send someone to drive it back to Entebbe. The car was in very good condition and we didn’t have any issues with it, even on difficult roads. We would definitely rent a car with them the next time we’re in Uganda and recommend them to everyone! Thank you to Charles for the pick up as well, greetings to Maralia!
good experience in Uganda with rooftop tent We rented a 4x4 vehicle with a rooftop tent from Your Drive Uganda for a 14-day journey through Uganda. Overall, our experience with Your Drive Uganda was satisfactory. Titus was prompt and reliable in his responses. For instance, when we had a flat tire and had to purchase a replacement, we were reimbursed without any complications. The car was acceptable by African standards, and the rooftop tent, while showing signs of use, met our needs. We were provided with a Toyota Prado equipped with a powerful engine, but this also meant it had higher fuel consumption. We traveled during the rainy season, and both the vehicle and tent held up well in the rain. In general, we had a good experience and a great time. We had hoped to visit Rwanda but couldn't due to missing documents. We wish there had been more effort to make it possible and clearer communication since we had inquired beforehand. One tip: The website states a small fridge is included, but it's an extra $5 per day. We didn't use it, and it worked out fine without it.
Tim B
Tim B
Everything good ???? Everything was great ???? the car looked old, but it was perfect for our safari adventure. Highly recommended. It worked great for 3 national parks in 9 days.
Ivo M
Ivo M
Difficult roads which the Land Cruisers helped us navigate We did a trip of 21 days in Uganda and decided to rent a Land Cruiser for 15 of the 21. We drove across the west of the country and saw so many animals. The cars were rugged, even though there were a few hiccups along the way, we got safely everywhere, without much worrying. The camping gear let us always stay in the nature, which made for some beautiful photos.
Ambroos B
Ambroos B
Great service, great people, fair price! Six friends and I rented two cars for a period of 20 days for doing safaris in the west of Uganda. We had a very good and pleasant experience over all! We initially rented two Toyota landcruisers of which only one had a pop-up roof. However, since we were having a good contact with Titus (the company owner) and a collegue (Herman), Titus quickly equiped the second car with a pop-up roof as well which was incredibly nice during the safaris!! The cars were in good state, we didn't experience any mechanical problems during our whole trip! Additionally Titus equipped the cars with all required camping gear for the seven of us at a minimal extra cost. I would strongly recommend contacting YourDriveUganda for your next trip to Uganda. A great service for a fair price! ~Kenzie
Good service Titus was very supportive in arranging gorilla permits and a car for our roadtrip. The tent we hired unfortunately was too small for us; I recommend you to check before you leave Entebbe/Kampala. The car bottom was quite low, even lower than typical for a RAV4, recommend to get it fixed higher for safari use. Note that the contract doesn't allow you to drive at night. The car was affordable but also a bit noisy.
Wesley B
Wesley B
Excellent We’ve used Titus 3-4 times and never had issues. Reliable and convenient collection and drop of vehicle at Entebbe airport, with some local tips from the driver as well!
Ben W
Ben W
There are drivers, there are good drivers and there is Pius; Pius Besigye, the best! From the beginning a good and fast communication about the possibilities that Your Drive Uganda could offer us. Also a quick response on all our questions. We rented a Safari Van for our family of 6 people. With a driver. And then we met the driver; Pius. A good and save driver but above all a beautiful person. And a proud young father. In 17 days he became a member of the family, with his a:dvices, humor, stories, philosophy and many other talents. ( such as golf, eating local food:) ) Pius made our journey to an unforgettable adventure trip through beautiful Uganda.

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Self Drive Tanzania Safari Itineraries you can copy

Tanzania is among the top visited coutries globally and this is attributed to the so much that the country has to offer that is found within her boundaries. These include the wildlife species in the various national park like the wilde beest migration, iconic physical features like Mt. Kilimanjaro and much more. Here are some of the itineraries you can use for a memorable seld drive Tanzania safari. 

Self Drive Tanzania
3 Days Best of Tanzania safari
On a budget and want to explore Tanzania, this is for you. Book now!
Self Drive Tanzania - lion
7 Days Self Drive Tanzania safaris
From the start to the end of this 7 days safari, you will be stunned. Try it.
8 Days Self Drive Tanzania tour
See the popular wilde beest migration and much more during this time.
Self Drive Tanzania
14 Days Tanzania safari
Looking for an ultimate self drive Tanzania itinerary that will work for you, our 14 days Tanzania safari is the best.
Self Drive Tanzania
12 Days Tanzania safari tour
Our 12 days Tanzania safari tour is designed to introduce you to some destinations.
self drive Tanzania
20 Days Self Drive Tanzania tour
Discover what Tanzania has with her boundaries during these 20 days trip.

See, you can as well go camping in Tanzania

For a very rewarding experience while on your self drive Tanzania, you can choose to hire a car with camping gear including a rooftop tent. This is one of the things you definitely have to give a try as you explore this beautiful country. 

Traveling as a family, friends.....

Plannning to travel as a family or a group of friends to Tanzania and need the right car that is comfortable enough for all the occupants, don’t hesistate to book our Safari Van. We have the best vans and these come with amazing features like charging ports and more to make your trip seamless. Go ahead and book this car. 

self drive Tanzania - van

Your Frequently Asked Questions in one place

We have gathered some of the top most asked questions especially by some of our clients and in case you had the same self drive Tanzania questions in mind, We are breaking it down for you now. Read;-

How Much is Self Drive Tanzania

The cost of self drive in Tanzania varies and this depends on the type of car you are renting, the number of days and your destinations as well. Please note that if you rent for more days, you will qualify for a discount which reduces the cost of car rental Tanzania

Can you self drive in Serengeti

Serengeti National Park that is situated in the Northern circuit , is Tanzania's most visited destination and this attributed to so much it does have within her boundaries that includes the popular wilde beest migration. As you self drive in serengeti National Park, you will need to follow the set tracks within the park and as long as you do so, you will be safe.
Easy and Flexible Rental

How to - Rent a car Tanzania

There various ways you can hire a rent a car Tanzania. These are easy and whether you are visiting on business trip, honeymoon or self drvie Tanzania safaris, you can go ahead and reserve your vehicle

Send us that email

After selecting that car you would like to hire for your self drive Tanzania, you will go ahead and send us your inquiry on and our team will take you through the booking process.

Send us a WhatsApp

To directly chat with one of our customer care agents, simply send us a message on +256 704 538 374 and you wil be briefed on each and everything you need to know.

Rent a Car in Tanzania Today!

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    Best Car Hire Tanzania

    We have the best car hire Tanzania deals on travelers renting any of our vehicles for thier trip in the country.

    Planning to self drive Serengenti National park, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Lake Manyara National park among other national park and leading destinations, we have cars customized just for that. These include Land Cruiser GX manual, Land cruiser V8, Land Cruiser TX/TZ. 

    For those on short trips within the major cities, our Toyota RAV4, and the above models of Land Cruisers. 

    Visiting as a group of friends and family and prefer the right car, our mini vans have been designed just for you. Cont us and we will avail you a car that matches your needs. 

    Additional Transport services for self drive Tanzania

    Whatever you are looking for, count on us because we will be able to get it for you to make your whole Tanzania safari memorable. Some of our self drive Tanzania services you can choose include:

    Car rental Tanzania with a driver

    As Self Drives Tanzania, we also offer car rental Tanzania with a driver. Our drivers are well trained, disciplined and tour guides at the same time. These are licensed and well versed with the road network in Tanzania to make sure you get to your final destination with ease and on time. 

    Car rental Tanzania with GPS navigation

    We know how frustrating it is when you don’t know exactly which route you should take while on your self drive in Tanzania. With car rental Tanzania with GPS navigation, you will easily locate where you’d like to go whether it’s a Self drive in Serengeti National Park or any other destination.

    Unlimited mileage car rental in Tanzania

    Go anywhere you would like to in Tanzania while on your Tanzania safaris with our unlimited car rental in Tanzania at very affordable rental fees. This allows you to explore the country at your own pace and go across borders with our car on either your self drive Tanzania or guided trip.

    Rent an automatic car in Tanzania

    Looking for an automatic car for hire in Tanzania, we have a large fleet of such cars available at affordable rates. These include big SUVs like a Land Cruiser TX and sedan cars. Talk to us and we will be able to arrange that automatic car of your choice at the best price.

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    Because of our founder’s vision to provide affordable self drive Tanzania cars, its a reason we exisit to serve you. 

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